Good times

Burr’s Berry Farm

So over the weekend we decided to go visit this really cute farm called Burr’s berry farm( . They have the best strawberry milkshake I’ve ever had in my life! This place rivals Knaus Berry Farm ( another great place, which I will have to post about another day.


We did decide to go strawberry picking on one of the coldest Sunday afternoons we’ve had in Miami and thought it would be a great idea to get a strawberry shake and a strawberry sundae. By cold I mean 45 degrees. I know it’s a joke for most but here it’s a big deal! It’s time to break out the parkas and furry boots. Or in this case sweater and flip flops, a fashion faux pas or do I see a new trend a brewing.


This place is amazing we didn’t get to actually go strawberry picking because we got there too late, but the shake was amazing and it was worth waiting in the long line. There is also a really pretty terrace with bird feeders and tables where you can sit and enjoy your delightful treat.


I also saw this plant called Holly Hock not sure exactly what that is, but I found its name quite interesting. Anyone have any idea what this plant is please feel free to chime in.


All in all we had a really great time. My niece and nephew really enjoyed this place and well so did I. So I know my first post wasn’t about cooking anything but I just really wanted to share with you this really great strawberry shake we had at Burrs Berry Farm. Hopefully if your in the Miami area you will stop by sometime.



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