Best mother in law ever!

My mother in law left for Peru for two weeks, to visit family there. My hubby and his family are from Peru, as you would of guessed from my earlier sentence. Anyways she always manages to bring the most delightful delicacies.

What you have here my friend are orange cookies, lucuma cookies, coconut cookies, alfajores, espresso (some of the best I’ve ever had), roscas, and the most amazing chocolates made in Peru.

These are some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had, they are assorted with dulce leche, coconut, marzipan, chocolate etc. my mother in law goes to Peru twice a year and always brings back a suit case full of goodies. She basically stocks her pantry with authentic staples that she would other wise have two pay double for here.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, she even manages to bring back some cheese! This cheese is quite stinky and smells like feet, but it is very mild in taste all you need is a plate of olives and some pita and I’m in heaven. She also brings a bag of aji amarillo (yellow pepper), they use this in almost everything they make like a purée or paste and its amazing. It’s not the yellow pepper you get here it has more flavor. You can get it here, at least in miami you can find it frozen or in a specialty shop, if you’d like to give it a try.

Finally last but not least, the piece de resistance mini alfajores. The reason why I live and breathe. These little suckers may not look like much, but boy can they make me weak in the knees. If you’ve never had them, I highly recommend you stop what your doing right now, including reading this post and go find yourself one. These have a cornmeal like cookie and are sandwiched between dulce leche, yum! Oh yeah and these go great with a tall glass of milk…or in this case a short glass of milk, with a blue striped straw of course. I’ve never attempted to make these awesome cookies, but hopefully I will find a recipe worth trying and post it soon. I know my mother in law has requested for me to make her some, so I should probably get to it, if want to continue to receive goodies. So I must say my mother in law really knows how to hook a girl up, granted I’m married to her son but none the less she’s amazing! Sorry about the quality of the pics. Hopefully as I progress as a blogger that will get better as well.


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