Thingz that make you go Hmmm...

Me and my Shadow

So I work pretty early in the morning and along with that I also have a healthy imagination. Yeah that’s what we are calling crazy these days. I wake up at 4:40 in the morning and I also take public transportation and well I also work near downtown. I feel as if I’m always looking over my shoulder. Once again, to reiterate I have a healthy imagination, let me elaborate a bit.

I watch a show called The Walking dead, and well it deals with a zombie apocalypse. I feel that this could in fact take place at any given moment, which prompts me to look outside my window before leaving the house. I am also checking to see that there are no psychos waiting for me outside. But aside from that I am always looking for a walker ( thats slang for zombie). Yeah I’m hip like that. It just seems very probable that I would sleep right through a zombie takeover, like I’d be the last to know or something. My motto is always be prepared. So now I’ve managed to get off of the subject and probably made you think I’m a nut case….But I feel we can move passed this….lets give it a try.

So as I was walking to work the other day I noticed that I was alone. Usually I have a group to walk with and it makes it less intimidating, but I don’t know what happened this time around. So I decided my best bet was to walk faster and as I walk faster I start to get nervous and once again look over my shoulder, that’s when I practically jumped out of my pants! I thought someone was following my every step, I was about to take off running when I realized it was just my shadow! At this point I am relieved its just my shadow and not some crazy psycho killer. So after the drama I decided to take a picture of my shadow. It seemed like the logical thing to do. Which brings me to my next question, have you ever been scared or startled by your shadow? Do you feel a zombie apocalypse could happen? Don’t worry I don’t think so either, but the thought really freaks me out.



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