Thingz that make you go Hmmm...

Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

I woke up this morning with a Bruno Mars song in mind, “today I don’t feel like doing anything”. It’s words we should live by, especially on Saturday mornings. Speaking of Bruno Mars, I never realized how many we’ll known songs he has out and his latest album is fabulous! Be sure to check it out.
My day of doing nothing was short lived when hubby came into the room and said we were going to the gym, which means Zumba time for me! If you’ve never done a Zumba class, I would say stop what your doing and get to it because they are fabulous. You basically just dance its a really great time and you burn a ton of calories!
So after the gym I was pumped and we decided to go to Home Depot and look for some light fixtures. I don’t know why when I tell people I’m going to Home Depot I always think of a quote from the movie Old School
“Well, um, actually a pretty nice little saturday, we’re um, we’re gonna go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed Bath And Beyond, I don’t know. I Don’t know if we’ll have enough time.”
It’s funny if you’ve seen the movie and if you haven’t then you are missing out my friend. We found what we were looking for at Home Depot and well then I got inspired as I passed up all the plants, flowers and herbs oh my!

You see at the beginning of this year I was all for having a huge raised bed garden, with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeños and heck why not throw in son sunflowers for good measure. That was short lived when I realized how much work and dedication that would take, so I decided to do a baby herb garden in a regular old pot instead.

These are the materials I gathered, I went with rosemary, sweet basil and flat leaf parsley. I’m keeping it simple, even though I wanted to go nuts and purchase some cute gardening clogs, a great big hat and some adorable gloves.

I guess BOBS will do for now. It was a quick project. Here is the final result.

I could of certainly used some help earlier, look who decided to drop in and try to take all the credit for my hard work! Why kitty kins of course.

So now I can give myself a pat on the back and say that I finally have an herb garden. Can I get a thumbs up?? Sorry for such a long post.



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