Easter brunch

Yesterday was Easter and I hope everyone had a fabulous time, with your friends and family. I had a full menu planned to take over my cousins house, but with my current leg injury I was only able to make fruit kabobs, which I will post soon.

It was a great time had by all, and the kids got to do an Easter egg hunt. They also got some awesome Easter baskets. Growing up we never really celebrated Easter with egg hunts and baskets. So I am really looking forward to one day doing these activities with my children.

I apologize for not having more photos of our feast. Actually any photos, but here’s a little list of what we had. Spanish tortilla, fruit kabobs, bagels, pancakes, bocaditos, crescents, muffins, ham croquettes. It was all tasty and full of great company. This was the fabulous table decorations, I apologize for not taking picks of all the food.

Hope everyone had a great time. My sister took a picture of my cousins dog Leia and she has a twin brother named Luke! Can you guess where she they got the names from?? She looks adorable sunbathing!

It was a beautiful Easter Day, with great weather and we had a fabulous view. Enjoy!



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