Fruit meh…

What’s better than fruit???? Fruit on a stick! What’s better than fruit on a stick? A fruit and donut hole kebab, of course. I saw this idea on Pinterest for fruit kebabs , you can get all the info about these lovely treats on the link. I wish I could take credit for this, it is genius.
So with my leg injury and all I had to change up my Easter menu, these treats looked easy and fool proof!

Well you’ll need some fruit, I had strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. You could just leave it as is and make some with just fruit, if your feeling health conscious, or in my case I know someone with gluten allergies. So I like to have everyone try what I make.

Or you could do what I did and add some donut holes to the mix, everything just becomes more appealing when you add a donut, or in this case donut hole. What’d you call me??? Sorry I just had a moment 🙂

When I finally went through all the fruit, I still had quite a bit of donut holes left over. What’s a girl to do?? I mean I ate a few along the way, but I felt guilty eating the rest. So why not make a kebab, of pure donuts???

Things started getting a little fuzzy after this and I don’t quite remember what took place after that..however what I can tell you, is that they were a hit with the kids. It’s a great way to trick them into eating fruit. Not to mention you can bribe them with the donut hole kebab and have them clean up! Hey it worked for me 🙂
Here’s my view, as I type this post. It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do. Especially when you have no choice but to wait in the lovely sunshine, as your hubby gets out of work. Toodles!!



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