Thingz that make you go Hmmm...

Things I love!!

So since its Friday fun day, I decided I’d write about a few things that I love!
Lets just start by saying that I absolutely adore Fridays! On Mondays we are always in a bit of a quarrel, but by Thursday we’ve made up.
It’s no surprise that I love puppies, aside from being cute, I love to smell their puppy breathe! Does anyone else like to smell their paws??? Don’t they smell like fritos?Perhaps I’ve said too much, lets move along shall we.
Pancakes!!! I love pancakes, and I am planning on making these fabulous blueberry pancakes this weekend. So keep your eye out for some blueberry pancakes coming in the near future.
Spring tends to make me want to bake a pie, I also love pie! But to be honest, I’ve never made a successful pie crust. So this weekend I am planning on also making hand pies. I am in love with hand pies. We are really close friends, they’re portable, you can put it in your purse for a snack later and they never talk back to you or call you fat! Ahem…sorry I went off the deep end for a moment.
As I was sitting at the bus stop today I had the worlds tiniest leaf fall on my lap, which I felt inclined to photograph. Don’t you just love tiny things, especially when they are shaped like a heart…you had me at hello, now make like a tree and leaf. I just couldn’t help myself.

So what’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone have any good baking projects, going on? I am going to put my best foot forward (literally) and try to get some baking done this weekend. It’s a little rough when you only have one good leg. My coworker took this picture of me today. I thought it was kind of funny. Have a fabulous weekend y’all!!



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