Born to hand pie baby!

I have always bought my pie dough from the grocery store. Pillsbury and I were really close friends, until today. There is a man by the name of chef John who makes fabulous video tutorials featuring different recipes. He made a recipe that caught my eye, the most amazing hand pies.
I have provided the link so that you can get the recipe. When I saw his recipe for pie dough I decided I would give it a try. Whenever I’ve attempted making pie dough in the past, it has ended with me laying on the floor in a fetal position covered in flour and tears. Lets never speak of this again…But this pie dough recipe was simple and genius and came out buttery and flaky. This will definitely be my go to pie crust recipe from now on. I will eat, breathe and sleep this pie crust recipe. I will become one with the pie dough, I am the pie dough. I foresee many pies in my near future.

Once you’ve made your pie dough make sure to chill for an hour. Or you could always sit and talk to your dough for a bit, I feel like my dough has a bit character.

Next how about some apples, not just any apples, Granny Smith apples.

Holy mother of all that is good, does that even make sense? Delicious brown sugary goodness with a hint of cinnamon, apples are cooked in browned butter, yeah he went there. You cook the apples until they are almost turned to mush, creating this heavenly concoction, which I like to call pure bliss. The hardest part here is refraining from eating this masterpiece as you wait for it to cool down and your pie dough to chill.

Assemble thy hand pies, and refrain from quoting Shakespeare, et tu hand pies? The sheer perfection of these pies makes me feel like an intellectual.

Here you have it an amazing hand pie, not just any hand pie, but a hand pie that’ll make you break out into a song from Grease like Hand Jive or in this case hand pie! Chef John knew what he was doing here. I’ve been following him for years, and he never disappoints. Make this now! Check him out, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!


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