Heavenly Chocolate Cake

I don’t like mustaches, and unless your Burt Reynolds or Freddie Mercury you should really reconsider that style choice. I hope I didn’t just offend a whole community of mustache wearers. If it helps my case I love mustache shirts and pins… Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.. However now I have the strangest urge to ride my bicycle??? Any Queen fans out there?? Anyone??
This post has nothing to do with mustaches however, it has everything to do with my father in laws birthday cake. I love making birthday cakes for people, I’m not that great at decorating but I figure the more I try the better I’ll get at it.

I first tried this recipe a few years ago and was rather unsuccessful at it. It stuck to the pans and well it was just one big ol’ mess. So I highly recommend that when a recipe says butter and flour your pans, don’t just ignore it and grab the Pam instead because clearly Pam is non stick, right??? Not in this case, do as the recipe tells you or you will be on your kitchen floor crying your eyes out because that darn cake is stuck to your pans. Granted you’ll have a delightful treat, but you’ll be making a whole new batch.
The recipe I chose was Ina Gartens Beatty’s Chocolate Cake, it is a wonderful recipe. I am a big fan of cinnamon in chocolate, so I added about 1/2 a teaspoon to the batter, don’t say anything just try it…you’ll be glad you did.

The frosting calls for melted chocolate so it was already a winner in my book, can you think of anything better than melted chocolate??? I was a bit worried about the amount of frosting it made, it seemed like so little, but it was just enough. So don’t fret, add some raspberries and now you have a beautiful birthday cake, if I do say so myself.
I love my father in law, he is a great man, I hope you will take the time to make this treat for one of your loved ones, or maybe just for you. Enjoy!



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