Farm Stand Buttermilk Donuts

Here we are, another weekend has gone and Monday has crept back in our lives. Well played Monday, well played. But I’m not here to talk to you about how much I detest Mondays. I’m here to show you what can make Mondays better, why donuts of course!

This inspiration came from a trip I took with my niece to U-Pick this weekend. This place is great, you can basically pick all of your vegetables and fruit here at a reasonable price.

Or if you don’t like getting down and dirty like that, you could just buy what they have already harvested. We went here on a mission to get strawberries, and well sadly this will be our last trip, because by the looks of it, the season is coming to an end.

Don’t worry little one, it will be back next year. This is my beautiful little niece, picking strawberries. She’s become quite the expert picker.
So you’d think this would prompt me to make a healthy and delightful vegetable stew or salad? But no this actually prompted me to think about Shutterbean’s Farm Stand Buttermilk Donuts. It’s one of my favorite blogs out there. She has really great recipes and her photography is phenomenal! I had been putting off making these donuts for quite sometime, and I just can’t put it off any longer. Lets face it, until now the only way I knew how to make donuts was from prepackaged biscuit dough.

The dough is really easy to put together, I love it because its a non yeast dough. So you don’t have to worry about waiting for the dough to rise. Here I have the donuts all ready to go for frying. I just used two different size cookie cutters, since I didn’t have a donut cutter.

I couldn’t make up my mind, whether to go with a cinnamon sugar topping or a glaze. So I went with both, it is my duty to test these things out for you, I did it for science! Oh yeah and since I can’t leave well enough alone I added hot pink food coloring to the glaze and can you say sprinkles!

Here are the glazed donuts with black and pink sprinkle, because let’s face it sprinkles make everything better. In theory black and pink sprinkles are a good idea, but when your trying to photograph said sprinkles, it actually ends up looking like poppy seeds. Life lesson #1353 it is better to use a contrast in color when using sprinkles.

Here we have the lovely cinnamon sugar donuts. I must say these were my favorite. Check out Shutterbean’sFarm Stand Buttermilk Donuts. They are amazing, enjoy!

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