Cuban Frita Sliders

I don’t know why, but Memorial Day always makes me want to break out the BBQ and start grilling some fresh corn with some burgers and hot dogs. Lets not forget the lemonade, you have to have lemonade at a BBQ, along with some booze…lots and lots of booze. What I chose to make for … Continue reading


P.P.P.R Biscuits

So for the sake of my sanity, can I just get something off my chest. Can we please go over elevator etiquette?? Once the elevator opens, it is always a good idea to wait and see if anyone is actually exiting the elevator. It might not be a good idea to have your back turned, … Continue reading

Good times

Schnebly Winery

I went to this great winery, this past weekend. Schnebly Winery is not your regular run of the mill wine. Their wine is made from fruit, not grapes. What I like about this place is that it’s free if you go before 6pm and you can take your own food to boot. What’s also cool … Continue reading


Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday, to the best older sister in the world!! Well you would be the best because there can only be one older sister in the equation, and well it ain’t me. Love you sissy poo! My sister and I, aren’t we just the cutest. In case you didn’t know I am dedicating this blog … Continue reading