Bagel Burger

I totally freaked out today on the way home from work. A crazy bird lost its balance, more like couldn’t figure out how to fly and almost crashed into my windshield! Well maybe almost is a bit dramatic, but it came pretty darn close. It took me back to a dark time when I accidentally ran over a bird. Yeah folks, I ran over a bird! A bird that is supposed to fly away, even when it’s chilling on the road. I could of sworn before the impact the bird gave me the finger, but it’s really all a big blur. Needless to say I freaked out when I looked through my rear view mirror and saw a crap load of feathers flying out the back of my car. I was mortified.
So in a high stress situation I always crave something cheesy, greasy and bad for me. Immediately I thought of a burger, but not just any burger, a bagel burger! It’s also not that greasy and cheesy, but it hit the spot.

Here we have two burger patties, I only added salt and pepper. I feel that if you buy good quality meats, you don’t have to over season. Let the meat stand alone, it’s the star of the show.

Now on to toppings, we have lettuce, tomato and cheese. I used muenster because its what I had on hand, but sharp cheddar wouldn’t be bad here either. Oh yeah I also added some bacon, because bacon makes everything better. We went with an everything bagel, why a bagel you ask?? Lets just say I didn’t have any bread on hand except for bagels. These are real life problems.

Here is the piece de resistance. The best bagel burger in the world! Maybe not the best, but right up there with pretty awesome. I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! I double bagel burger dare you to make this. Yeah that was a challenge. Enjoy!

Bagel Burger

1/2 pound ground sirloin
Salt and pepper to taste
4 strips bacon
2 slices muenster cheese
4 slices tomato
2 everything bagels

Separate meat into two patties and season liberally with salt and pepper. Cook on a hot skillet until desired doneness. While the burger patties are cooking make the bacon and set it aside when finished. Start toasting the bagels, add Bacon and the muenster cheese to the burger patties until melted. Time to assemble, put the burger patty on the bagel half and add the lettuce and tomato, then add the other half of the bagel on top. Voila, there you have it. Enjoy with a side of fries or chips.


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