Thingz that make you go Hmmm...


Sometimes I get really stressed out and overwhelmed, like this week it’s nurses week as well as teacher appreciation week, not to mention Mother’s Day on Sunday and oh yeah tack on the last day of my physical therapy session and you have a crazy baking week! I show my love by baking goodies for people I appreciate, I also like to give thank you gifts for people who help me out. So I’m baking brownies for the nurses and for my physical therapist, because frankly these people have to deal with me day in and day out and we all know that’s no easy chore. I’m making mama dukes a lemon pound cake, do I smell a future post in the horizon??? I don’t have children and I’m not in school so, I guess I was being a bit melodramatic with the whole teacher appreciation week. But I appreciate them as well, so give your teachers some love and bake them a cake….go on git.
Sometimes I get sucked into Mad Men while my hubby watches it in the other room. The thing is I don’t get up to go look at it, I just stay in the other room and listen.

Sometimes you park in a parking garage for over a year and then you look up one day and realize there’s a whole colony of spiders living above your head. Creepy! I fear them, big time!

Sometimes I like to go to this grocery store because it called Okey Dokey, and well at least I know everything is going to be a ok.

Sometimes I like to take pictures of clouds while I’m driving, you probably shouldn’t take pictures of clouds while driving. Don’t be like me, anyways this cloud reminded me of my favorite child hood cartoon Captain Caveman. This cartoon totally rocked my world.
Sometimes I go to Target with my friend, and she finds a hidden gem like this

So you start reading it and the humor is quite morbid like this

I am so getting this for my coffee table, it’s a great conversation piece.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m too old to get this lunch box

I love owls, they are kind of my thing. It says it’s for ages 3 and up, do you think if I sharpie in a 2 next to the three, it will make it ok?
Sometimes Kitty Kins likes to photo bomb my pictures like this

We’ve had several conversations on this matter and she just doesn’t get it. Yeah I talk to my cat, doesn’t everyone?
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, make sure to give your moms a big hug and kiss. Also let the nurses and teachers know how much you appreciate them, but I don’t think you should give them a big kiss and hug….it might be awkward. I’m just saying…I bid you adieu.


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