Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday, to the best older sister in the world!! Well you would be the best because there can only be one older sister in the equation, and well it ain’t me. Love you sissy poo!

My sister and I, aren’t we just the cutest. In case you didn’t know I am dedicating this blog post to my biggest blogging fan, you guessed right my sister.

When we were young, I always looked up to her. I did everything she did and my mother would even dress us the same. It used to drive her bonkers! I still look up to her to this day but in a different way. It’s no longer how well she stays in the lines when she colors, or how well she can dress a Barbie. It’s more about how she always tries to be there for me. She truly is a great big sister and I was quite the handful in high school. Thanks for always looking out for me, sissy poo!

I love this pic of me and my sister, it was when we went to Washington. I love you sissy, and I can’t wait to sing you happy birthday tonight in my best impression of Darrell from Storage Wars. Sorry that’s kind of an inside joke. Well have a fabulous birthday and I hope you enjoy your day. Love you to pieces! Smooches! Iris out!



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