Good times

Schnebly Winery

I went to this great winery, this past weekend. Schnebly Winery is not your regular run of the mill wine. Their wine is made from fruit, not grapes. What I like about this place is that it’s free if you go before 6pm and you can take your own food to boot. What’s also cool is that it’s in Miami for gods sake, not a place you’d think would have great wine.

We went here to celebrate this ladies fabulous birthday. Great idea, missy! I really had a great time! By the way the 7 layer dip was amazeballs!

Wine tastings are a mere $10 dollars for your first time, but once they’ve popped your cherry or your cork in this case, it will only be $5. All you have to do is bring your glass the next time. Yeah folks, that’s right you get to keep the glass once you finish with the tasting.

Some food and wine glasses, why who’s that lovely little vixen on the other side of the glasses. *Blushes*, why that’s me!

Here we have my little niece salivating
over this fabulous birthday cake, or cakes. This cake was made for the indecisive or it might make you indecisive.

“Don’t go chasing water falls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that your used to”. No I promise I am completely sober as I write this, I will celebrate after with a nice bottle of guava wine. My favorite! Schnebly has a great ambiance, and as you can see they have waterfalls, and a very laid back vibe.

Bucket O’ wine, that’s right the night is just getting started. Go big or go home is my philosophy, or until its “closing time, one last call for alcohol” I know I have a problem with singing! If you decide to stay after 6 there is a cover charge. But they play live music and you can also purchase some BBQ.

This caught my eye, did someone say avocado? Avocado wine? What? I’m confused, could these two worlds really collide?? Am I a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried… Ok, ok I promise that’s the last song.

Cheers! If you make it to miami be sure to visit Schnebly Winery I think you will have a great time and taste some unique wine, I just made a rhyme. Clearly I have issues, but we are talking about wine today. If you have children they are also welcome to come, plenty of families all around.


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