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Lemon Yogurt Cake

So yesterday was Mother’s Day, I hope you all had a wonderful time. We took my mother out to brunch and bought her some flowers and a card. Lets face it mothers are suckers for a really good card. My sisters card actually made my mother cry, it actually almost made me cry…two thumbs up … Continue reading


Bagel Burger

I totally freaked out today on the way home from work. A crazy bird lost its balance, more like couldn’t figure out how to fly and almost crashed into my windshield! Well maybe almost is a bit dramatic, but it came pretty darn close. It took me back to a dark time when I accidentally … Continue reading



Hello, and happy day after Cinco de Mayo! Sorry for yelling, I realize some of us might of had a few too many tequila shots last night. However, I do hope you all had some fine Mexican food, whether it be tacos, margaritas, piña coladas. I made tacos and these wonderful conchas. I’m not sure … Continue reading



‘Cause we are living in a chocoflan kind of world, and I’m a chocoflan kind of girl..anyone else wish they’d walk into a store and have everyone randomly break out into song and dance… anyone? Really I’m alone here? This is what happens when I’m left alone in my kitchen, with my thoughts. So with … Continue reading